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Metabrasive North Eastern, established near Stockton in Cleveland, manufactures chilled iron particles and refined iron ingots formerly described as pig iron. The split of activity is now 90% to 10%. Founded in 1866 as the Carlton Ironworks, the much expanded original blast furnace site was razed to the ground in 1932 after the Carlton Ironworks had been bought out by Dorman Long.

Later, Metabrasive North Eastern, which was originally set up to refine blast furnace iron, was incorporated into the WAE Group of companies in 1987. The main raw material is high grade cast iron borings which are melted in two coreless induction furnaces; the molten product being selected and modified as required prior to shotting or casting. The plant that provides 100% of the group's iron requirement has an annual capacity of in excess of 25,000 tonnes.

Metabrasive - Disc Finishing Equipment and Bowl Vibratory Finishing Equipment
Metabrasive North Eastern produces the only "electric melted" chilled iron abrasive in Western Europe and consequently boasts a quality which is often a factor of two times more durable than its cheaper rivals.

WINOA and Metabrasive are committed to the maintenance and improvement of this small but dynamic operation. This has been demonstrated by large capital investment in both the melting plant and administration facilities.

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