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Abrasive Blasting

Metabrasive Technical Support is aimed at assisting its customers to achieve the most cost effective operation and covers all aspects of the blasting process. Assistance given by Metabrasive has resulted in increased productivity, improved quality and reduced costs.

Individual Instructions
Metabrasive Technical Representatives readily give advice and instruction to customers and, in cases where a problem cannot be solved by either the customer or the Area Sales Engineer, the company's troubleshooting team can be called in. This team travels the world lecturing and advising on blast-cleaning and peening with regard to the best techniques to ensure the highest quality and productivity at the lowest cost.

A Survey is a complete check on the work process before, during and after shotblasting. A check is made on the machine's main elements; wheel assembly and wheel housing, cabinet, work handling system, abrasive supply and recycling system, the separator, and the dust extraction system. Checks are also made on the abrasive operating mix and discards from the separator and filter unit. A complete report is presented on the findings, which can also include an assessment of the surface finish, e.g. cleanliness and roughness profile.

Process Efficiency Study
An extension of the Survey, the Process Efficiency Study includes an evaluation of the cost of all or part of the blasting process and includes calculations of the potential cost savings which have been identified.
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Abrasive Consumption Monitoring
Metabrasive can set up abrasive consumption monitoring systems, which can be administered by either the abrasive user or by Metabrasive. Abrasive consumption can be monitored with regard to the amount of abrasive used per blast time (e.g. kgs per blast hour) or per unit of work processed (e.g. kgs per tonne of casting or kgs per sq. metre of plate cleaned).

Surface Evaluations
A Surface Evaluation assesses the cleanliness standard and surface roughness profile after blasting. In many customers the Surface Evaluation Report is used with regard to confirming compliance with preparation standards.

Seminars can be held at:The Customer's works, Metabrasive, a Winoa Training Facility, or at an agreed venue. Seminars cover all aspects of abrasive and shot blast equipment with the aim being "Cost Effective Impact

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Treatment". Lasting about two hours, Seminars are suitable for anyone associated with the blasting operation; Production, Maintenance, Quality, Inspection etc. and for all levels of personnel, from Shopfloor to Director level.

Test Centres
Metabrasive has the use of the two Winoa Test Centres where customer trials, simulating any blasting operation, can be conducted. Comparisons can be made between abrasives as well as identifying the most suitable abrasive or blasting technique for a given blasting scenario.

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